Monday, November 11, 2013

A Faculty Initiated Discussion of Core Curriculum Revision!

This forum is devoted to discussion of Core Curriculum Revision at the University of San Diego. It is however of wider interest since the current agenda reflects national and, indeed, global trends.

Core Curriculum revision at USD was initiated by the administration and, though there is a vast array of committees and discussions, controlled by administrators and a minority of faculty recruited to push through the agenda, faculty have had little opportunity for genuinely open discussion.

This is the place for that discussion!  Among the topics we need to consider are:
  • USD's 'business model'
  • Procedural issues and faculty governance
  • Specific recommendations for Core Curriculum requirements and programs
Anyone can comment in response to posts on this blog. And you can comment anonymously. If you would like initiate posts, please email me at and I'll get you on as an author.

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  1. See? You can comment anonymously! This blog does not reside at any USD server and there is no way of tracking individuals who comment!