Friday, January 24, 2014

Assessment Fever

Erased Answers on Tests in Philadelphia Lead to a Three-Year Cheating Scandal

Across the country, public school activists and teachers’ unions have criticized what they see as a pervasive culture of high-stakes testing that they say can contribute to cheating because educators fear the consequences if they do not raise scores.

And now, just as Americans are beginning to recognize that endless "assessment" and testing in the interests of "accountability" are counterproductive in K-12 education, colleges are jumping on the bandwagon.

"Treat students like adults and they'll behave like adults," we've been told. And it works. Treat faculty like proletarianized service workers--surveilled, supervised and under the gun--and I hope we will behave like like proletarianized service workers, and recognize that we have no stake in the program pushed on us by the bosses in the interest of selling USD to students, parents and donors, and that we should resist it with all we've got.

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